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The e-commerce industry has taken the world by storm, and online grocery stores are a recent example. Independent Grocery shops keep traditional local products alive. They respond more quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs. Many virtual grocery stores are springing up all over the internet, but the objective of Shopview is to promote local Asian businesses and facilitate the local consumers with high-quality services. We are empowering people to get more value for less money. You can buy fresh groceries at very competitive prices. Find your favourite spices and pickles brands at one place..

Fruits & Vegetables

Who doesn’t like fresh fruits? How many times you went out to buy vegetable but couldn’t get fresh vegetables? With Shopview, you can order fresh seasonal fruits directly to your home. When a seasonal fruit like Mango is made available in your local market, you will receive a notification on your app and then you can place your order online. You can also gift the fruits to your loved ones directly from the app. Simply make a purchase from a vendor that makes deliveries to your destination and enter the address of your loved one to send them the gift.
Shopview enables you to get fresh vegetables directly from the market. Every time your local store stocks up with fresh produce, you get alerted through notification.

Home businesses

Home-based businesses are quickly becoming the fastest growing form of business start-ups. Shopview aims to promote local business all across the country. This includes home businesses as well. If you are operating your business directly from your home, then Shopview is the ideal platform to promote your business. Reach a wider audience through our software and connect with customers directly on the app. For consumers, they get more options to choose from rather than just traditional shops in their area. Businesses running from home are always economical than a high street shops and are able to offer the competitive prices. Home businesses are able to give more personalised and customised services then a high street shops.


Are you looking to connect with a salon, Café, Sweet shop or a flower shop in your area? Are you a business providing these services? Shopview is enabling all the small and large shops in the country to promote and boost their business through our app. The consumers have the option to connect with these businesses to make an appointment or place their order online without having to go to the crowded place. Avoid the queues and save the time by shopping with us from your favourite local shops. Get the latest offers from them and help them by using their off-peak times. Let these local shops add character to your town when you walk along the pavements. Let your money to the magic as each rupees spent with locally-owned businesses will have three times the impact on your community as pounds spent online or with large brand stores.


Do you want to appease your grumbling tummy? Can’t hold in your hunger anymore? The best of Delhi, taste of the Mughals, spices of the Punjab, wake up your taste buds from the south to your mouth, want everything at one place? Then Shopview is the perfect app for you. Order your favourite food online from your local restaurants or book your table at your favourite place with just a few clicks. You can sort by cuisine, veg or non-veg, add the dishes to your cart and follow the checkout process. Get your favourite sweets ordered on the phone and get it collected or delivered. Yes, It’s that easy to satisfy your hungry tummy.

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